5 Tips To Stop Your Tummy From Sticking Out Under Your Waist Cincher

5 Tips To Stop Your Tummy From Sticking Out Under Your Waist Cincher

Don't you just hate it when you put on a waist cincher and things ooze out below the hem line? Okay, it has made your waist and stomach look simply awesome, but what on earth is going on below?

Boo, that is not fair. No it's not. But it is just the law of physics, biology or something-ology. You squeeze something squishy, it has to go somewhere!

You can't go out looking like that! It completely ruins the look of your outfit and let's face it, it feels really really wrong.

Read on to find the solution to this waist cincher catastrophe...

Top Tip #1

Put your waist cincher on correctly. You need to make sure you get it sitting around your natural waistline. Often, people put them on far too high up. This not only becomes uncomfortable, it also causes your belly to stick out below.

Top Tip #2

Tuck your tummy in. You know the bit at the bottom, sometimes called an apron or kangaroo pouch. It afflicts women of a certain age, especially after childbirth.

When you put your waist cincher on, fasten it up from the bottom. Once you are about half way up, stick your hand down the front and lift up your tummy. Don't look at me like that, it works, honestly!

Top Tip #3

Wear a pair of high waisted briefs or shorts underneath. The high waisted style holds things in place whilst the waist cincher gives you the shape. This also works if you have a pair of really big granny pants that come up right to your waist.

Top Tip #4

Put your waist cincher on whilst you are lying down. It stops gravity from pulling down your belly and helps you to get it fitting correctly. It also for some weird reason, makes it much easier to fasten. A bit like putting on a pair of tight jeans. If someone can explain to me how that works it would be much appreciated!

Top Tip #5

Make sure the waist cincher you have chosen is long enough for you. The Waist Cincher is one of the longer ones, so should be suitable for most people. However, waist cinchers are much much shorter in length and can cause the oozing effect on taller people.

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